May 24, 2017

Immigration process in details

If you want to immigrate to the other country, you need to follow some certain procedure to apply for the country. Each country has the different immigration policy. So, you should know these policies in details before applying to any particular country. Most of the people don’t get the visa for not applying following the right procedure. The whole immigration procedure comprises of four distinctive steps. However, the process can differ in special circumstances. For people, it is hard to know all the legal procedure of the immigration. That is why people hire the immigration lawyer to get rid of all the complexities of the whole immigration procedure. People search for the cheap immigration lawyer because the immigration procedure is itself a costly procedure. However, you will find the many cheap immigration lawyer, if you look for. They will help you at every stage providing you consultancy service, and sometimes they also do the paper works for their clients. If you are thinking that hiring an immigration lawyer is enough to cross all the immigration procedure and get a visa, then you are wrong. An immigration lawyer only can guide you and help you to understand all the loopholes of the system and the rest of the things should be done by you. Here is a short description of the whole immigration procedure which will help you to understand the basics of the immigration procedure.

Step 1:

The immigration procedure starts with submitting the petition. Submitting the petition is the first stage of the immigration procedure, where a permanent resident of the US should sponsor the person who wants to immigrate to any state of the US. Not any random person can sponsor the immigrant. The sponsor has to be the legal citizen of the United States, and he/she should be somehow related to the person, who want to immigrate. A family member having permanent resident can sponsor his/her family members. In the same way, the employer and the other beneficiary can be the sponsor of the immigrants. The petition must be approved by the USCIS. After getting approved by the petition, you are qualified for the further procedure.

Step 2:

Once your petition is approved, you have to check your priority date. Then the National Visa Center will process and send all your documents to the embassy. In the meantime, you have to choose an agent and pay the fees.

Step 3:

In the third step, you have to collect the visa application form and all the financial documents and other supporting documents. You have to fill up all the necessary information and then submit it to the national visa council.

Step 4:

Then in the last step, you have to be prepared for the interview. After completion the successful interview session, you will be qualified for the immigrant in the US if everything is all right.

So, these are the detailed procedure of visa application in short.

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May 22, 2017

Detention: The Whole Truth

See This Infographic For Details:

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